wedding guest list

Come One...Come All?!?!


The guest list may be one of the most daunting tasks for a bride and groom, but at the same time, this list can be critical to every detail of the wedding budget; from food to seating, to centerpieces, and so on. This number must be known before a venue can be picked out to ensure you pick a venue that is suitable for your number of guest. I'm going to give you a technique that I suggest to my brides and will also give an infographic to help you make it easier in scaling down your list.

Gathering Names

Separately, you and your fiance' should take a couple of days and write down every name you can think of on a piece of paper. Don't put any deep thought into it just write down anyone you can think of that you would like to invite. If applicable, during this time you can ask your parents to do the same.

Verifying Names

Now that the lists are complete, the two of you come together and go through the list. This way you can talk, discuss it out, and agree to those you want to invite. Keep in mind the budget (may or may not have been discussed) when editing the list. 

If you are having trouble deciding on a few names. Here is an infographic to help you:

                                                                                    Photo Via

                                                                                    Photo Via

List Completed

Now that you have completed the list make sure you stick to your guns. Explain to all those contributing to the list of the rules you put in place and make sure you stick to them.

However, you can adjust the number up until the save the dates go out. Once you have sent out the save to dates they are there to stay!

If you are still unsure on how many guest to invite or how to cut the list, consider connecting with me to help you through this task and many others that may arrive. :)


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