wedding planners role

Role Play!!

It's common for people to not spend money on a person when they don't understand what role they play.....So I come bearing gifts (information) on the many roles of a wedding planner. 

I hear excuses day after day as to why a bride does not want a planner. I became obsessed (almost) as to why brides don't hire a wedding planner, or at least a month of planner. So after digging and researching I came to the conclusion that most people don't understand the point of a planner. 

A Wedding Planners Role

I can honestly say there are so many roles we play. On top of making your wedding day dreams come true we also wear many other hats.  We can be the peace maker, the perfectionist, the foreseer, the orchestrator, oh and the expert....can't leave that out. We make sure that your wedding is fun and not work.

The Peace Maker

Whether it is the nagging or overwhelming mom or mother in law, if you have a planner, we find time to deal with her so you can focus on the 1,000 other tasks that have to be completed. We find a way to keep her busy, calm and out of your way. This can go for any family member, if you have one in your family, If not great that means you are in the minority. :) Our ultimate goal as a planner is to ensure you have a stress free wedding process and more importantly a stress free wedding day.

The Perfectionist

With our bridal kit, we are able to make frowns into smiles. Headaches, nausea, torn dresses, bouquet mishaps, reception mishaps, we are able to fix things that you have no idea will happen or take place. Your day is our day too! We don't want you to know that certain things have gone wrong. We perfect it before you even notice, if you ever notice. lol (being honest)

The Forseer

As a planner, we are constantly thinking 10 steps ahead of the average person. We think logistically if it makes sense for X, Y Z. We need to have water for the guest that have to be in the sun for the ceremony when they transition into the reception space. You just always have to think ahead.

The Orchestrator

We put all plans into motion. Music plays, the moms enter, the candles are lit, the guys are in place and so are the girls, and so on. We make sure everything goes as you planned. Make sure it starts on time, all parties are ready and in motion. 

The Expert (the Maven)

We learned from taking classes, being in weddings, researching, hands-on how to make your day the best day of your life. We don't do it alone. We have wonderful teams that play a hand in making sure every detail is met. We all work together with vendors to pull off your wedding day.

I just really wanted to provide education on the roles of a planner. There are many more not listed that we play to ensure an effortless wedding day. Please feel free to leave a comment or share with other brides or soon to be brides so they can be educated as well. Planners never want to take over your day. We go fully off the plans that you want and provide to us. I have heard that as an excuse as well. Just know because I genuinely love what I do and I love to see a smile on my clients face I go 100% for my brides. If you would like me to go to the moon for your big day let's connect. Love you guys!


                                                                                                       PRINCESS M.